Friday, February 27, 2009

The continued risk we are put at because of supporting Israel

Here is ANOTHER example of the risk we are put at because of supporting Israel. Luckily the attack failed because the bombs failed to explode. Notice that the media doesn't make it clear what the motive is. They mention things that if you already understood the background, you could get his motive but they don't make it clear: Below I quote from the article:

"NEW YORK - In 1973, a young terrorist named Khalid Duhham Al-Jawary entered the United States and quickly began plotting an audacious attack in New York City.

He built three powerful bombs — bombs powerful enough to kill, maim and destroy — and put them in rental cars scattered around town, near Israeli targets.

The plot failed. The explosive devices did not detonate, and Al-Jawary fled the country, escaping prosecution for nearly two decades ...

Bomb plot foiled
On Jan. 12, 1973, Al-Jawary flew to Boston via Montreal and then to New York City. He began scouting targets for a terrorist attack.

He picked two Israeli banks on Fifth Avenue and the El-Al cargo terminal at Kennedy Airport.

Possibly working with two or more people, Al-Jawary rented three cars and assembled three bombs comprised of large containers filled with gasoline, propane tanks, plastic explosives, blasting caps and batteries, according to FBI and federal court records.

Two of the bombs used alarm clocks, but a third employed a sophisticated electronic-timing device commonly referred to as an "e-cell," ... It was twice as powerful as the other two bombs.

On March 4, Al-Jawary — and possibly others — readied the cars in anticipation of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir's visit to the city.

Each car contained a Hebrew language newspaper with propaganda [WHAT DID IT SAY? WHY DON'T THEY TELL THEIR READERS?] from Black September — the terrorist organization that carried out the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics just months earlier — tucked inside.

But the bombs failed to explode. They were discovered after the two cars on Fifth Avenue were towed, and the FBI learned about the third car at JFK and notified police. ..."


Julia Riber Pitt said...

Once the USA stops supporting Israel, everything will fall into place eventually.

I remember, there was this ultra Israel supporter on YouTube who made a "rant video" during the war in Lebanon. He suggested that Israel should really be attacking Iran, since that's where Hizballah is getting its support from. Applying that same idea, you can see why the Palestinians and their supporters would attack the USA, since the US is the only thing enabling Israel to carry out its warmongering ways. If the US didn't have its back, Israel would have to go along with international law.

I think this is something which more people need to know. Many times people have said that they want to work for something to solve the issue. As far as I'm concerned, what we should be working for is a huge change in US foreign policy towards the Middle East, not just towards Israel-Palestine but towards the region as a whole, since US oil interests are also a huge cause of hatred against the USA in the Arab World.

Anonymous said...

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