Sunday, May 03, 2009

Strategy to Protect our Rights

The establishment of a representative media with a representative press is arguably the most important strategy to protect our rights. The way things are now, our rights are constantly being trampled and we are paying an enormous cost. I think a good plan of action is to boost this platform, what I call "Representative Press" (the YouTube Channel, the blog, website etc.), because the more people that see these ideas, the more we have moved closer to our goal. People need to hear about how things could be better if we just work together to establish a system which will be beneficial to us all. Part of the mission is to point out how propaganda is used to undermine attempts to keep powerful interests in check.


Julia Riber Pitt said...

I think the best possible thing we can do is form an alternative media, especially one that the average public contributes to. There are so many issues, not just foreign policy wise but also domestically, which are barely talked about in the mainstream media and that people want to talk about.

I've looked at this issue for a while, trying to figure out why it is that our media is "free" all while what it tells us is very controlled. I've come to the conclusion that the reason is how these news corporations need advertising in order to make them run, so they need the ratings to please the advertisers, and because of that what they tell us has to follow along with popular conceptions and what's assumed. I don't buy the argument that there's some secret society out there "controlling" our media. I think that's bogus, because there's a clear and simple answer once you really examine this. Like I keep saying, you have to look at things from an institutional viewpoint. Even if all the pro-Israel groups (like AIPAC and such) went out of existence, the US media would still be biased towards Israel because the notion that Israel is the "good guy" is what's assumed by most of Americans. So it's a tricky thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree, with the way the media is currently constructed, no matter what good intentions you start out with, eventually the ideals start to crumble and you have to start pleasing advertisers. The only sensible solution in my opinion is to nationalise media, to make them independent. That way media does not have to compromise to please advertisers, and should not have to compromise to government.

Unknown said...

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