Friday, November 13, 2009


YES They Did! Swine Flu (H1N1) Shots for Obama Girls

About the video, "Everything Is OK" by FlyingPigsOK: This stupid video is another example of the misinformation being spread here on Youtube. For example, it claims Obama hasn't had his children vaccinated against the swine flu. It was uploaded Nov 11th, yet two weeks before this video was uploaded, on Oct 27th, the white house website posted this information: "Malia and Sasha were both vaccinated for H1N1 last week, after the vaccine became available to Washington, DC schoolchildren." - Posted on the White House Blog on October 27, 2009
SEVERAL blog posts about vaccines: 
About the biased and poorly framed article that appeared in the Atlantic about vaccines:

Note to those questioning the White House's Oct. 27th statement: The idea isn't to discount every single thing you hear from the White House, there has to be LOGIC. When I say specific things the WH says aren't true, I use something to reference it by, I had REASONS - I pointed to things and judged what was said against that. When I claim a WH statement is a lie, I show why it is a lie, I just don't claim it it is a lie. Do you see  the difference? What specifically is it you are referencing for you to make a conclusion that the White House's Oct. 27th statement is false?   


Anonymous said...

Yeah I knew he hadn't had them vaccinated. But I would have liked to see the video.

Somehow I don't think the president would inject animal and aborted baby parts into his girls. Perhaps they got the good organic version.

Not the guinea pig, destroy your bodies immune system and get it to attack your own body version.

Julia Riber Pitt said...

Anonymous, you do know that your comments (as with all other anti-vaccine and "OMG doctors and the government are so evil!!!11 comments) actually HELPS the ruling class maintain its control over the general public? Oh, so there's animal parts in vaccines. So what? Aren't many common medications developed through animal parts? Where do you think that gelatin used to make pills comes from? But anyway, your comments add to the whole "mood of anti-politics" which causes the common people to fear the government, be angry at the government, and want to get rid of the government in its entirety. This completely prevents the common people from making an effort to reform the government, something that has been done many times throughout history (think of the labor movement, the civil rights movement, etc.).

It's quite sad seeing all these people who blame "the big bad government" for their problems without knowing what's really behind the government: the Fortune 500 and other wealthy investors who play the game to insure their wealth is maintained. The real solution is, instead of getting rid of government services and moving everything to the hands of private corporations (something that Ron Paul and his teabagger buddies want to do) we have to organize and change the government so it serves the working people as opposed to the rich fatcats it serves now. Of course, don't expect conspiracy nuts to help out. They have a notion that the government is some evil secret society plotting to make their lives hell. Well, there is a society controlling the government, but it sure as hell isn't the illuminatti or masons or whatever. It's the corporations, the same people capitalist nuts want to sell the country out to.

Tom said...

Julia, you hit the nail on the head.

You know, I've been thinking of systems of organizing and participation which should be created and I wonder how people will react if these things are considered "more government" or if they would be seen as things that put more power in the hands of the people. For example, when there are presidential press conferences, the people should be the ones with the power to determine what questions get asked. I'll have to explain more in an upcoming video but a specific thing I want to point out is that it really is ridiculous how the seating arrangements are made for these press conferences. Now a system which says that the seats must constantly be rotated with representatives who will be asking questions which have been selected by the public (through a mechanism of voting and such)
- whatever the mechanism is where we tally things, keep track of the stuff etc. I think it must be publicly administered and totally transparent.
Do people realize what an abuse of power it is to have these reporters who work for these corporations sit in reserved seats and have access to these press conferences? Any ideas? I plan to start laying out the framework for this and other things on the "representative media" channel.

Unknown said...

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