Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Chomsky Birthday & Power and Terror: Israel Kills Civilians with U.S. Helicopters

SEE VIDEO: Chomsky Birthday & Power and Terror: Israel Kills Civilians with U.S. Helicopters
"On October 3, the defense correspondent of Israel’s leading journal, Ha’aretz, reported the largest purchase of U.S. military helicopters in a decade: Blackhawks and parts for Apache attack helicopters sent a few weeks earlier. On October 4, Jane's Defence Weekly, the world’s most prominent military journal, reported that the Clinton Administration had approved a request for new Apache attack helicopters, the most advanced in the U.S. arsenal, having decided, apparently, that the upgrades were not sufficient for the current needs of attacking the civilian population. The same day, the U.S. press reported that Apaches were attacking apartment complexes with rockets at Netzarim. The German press agency quoted Pentagon officials who said that "U.S. weapons sales do not carry a stipulation that the weapons can’t be used against civilians. We cannot second-guess an Israeli commander who calls in helicopter gunships.""

Amazon page: Power and Terror
30 Minutes of Bonus Footage Noam Chomsky was born in Philadelphia on December 7, 1928 which makes him 81 years old today. "Chomsky gave us hope that if we just organize and act, there's hope. That's wonderful. I feel better than I've felt for months." - woman from the movie "Power and Terror, Noam Chomsky In Our Times" From Chomsky's article (see link below) "The late 2000 confrontations began on September 29, when Israeli troops killed several people and wounded over 100 as they left the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem after Friday prayers."


Julia Riber Pitt said...

I saw Noam speak the night before his birthday. The title of his talk was called "Gaza: One Year Later". The first thing he mentioned was that you can't make the distinction between Israeli crimes and American crimes, because all crimes committed by Israel are, directly, American crimes as well. I think the most insightful part was when he was asked by someone in the audience, "If you want a two-state solution how do you get rid of the settlements?" and Noam said, "You don't have to get rid of the settlements in the West Bank. All you have to do is get rid of the Israeli army in the West Bank and the illegal settlements will go too." Then he went on to explain how everything Israel and the USA are doing in the West Bank is undoubtedly illegal under the Geneva Convention. I took some video of the talk but I only posted it to my facebook page. When someone puts the whole thing on youtube I'll send it.

Unknown said...

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