Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Support WikiLeaks

We Support WikiLeaks, Please Sign Petition
Please pass it on: TinyURL.com/WeSupportWikileaks

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Anonymous said...

I respect you and your opinions, but I urge you not to jump the gun on this.

Wikileaks is a government tool

Had it not been a government tool, they would have down played it as fictitious and we would have not heard much about it from the media which is controlled by the same people that control the government (big business).

The fact that the government ran adds through embassies around the world to deny what ever is on those leaks is just an act to bring attention to those leaks.

A mass media that managed to keep someone like Chomsky away from the public for years, is now crying over wikileaks!?

All government have to do know is wikileak something, and that will shape the public opinion, smart move considering that the public doesn't trust the government nor mass media any more. Though it is ironic that the media and government are the cause we believe wikileaks are credible.

Imagine if Bush had a tool like wikileaks, it would have been so easy to convince us that Iraq had WMDs.

The only proof needed is Israel is not mentioned in any negative way(relatively) and so is Saudi Arabia.