Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/11 Suffering

NEW VIDEO: 9/11 Suffering: There hasn't been a full accounting for those sharing blame.


Anonymous said...

We have heard that a key issue of the terrorists is the Palestinian refugees of 1948-67, but WE are guilty when we do not answer their specious claims by reminding them that the Moslem world concurrently almost emptied all the Jews 1948-67 out of the Moslem world. The Jews don't whine and carry on about it;those Arab Jews now constitute more than half of Israel's present population.How about their rights?

Anonymous said...

Your comment gives the impression that Jews were forced out of Muslim world en masse, which is not true. First of all, there was no sizable population of Jews in the Muslim world. They were an insignificant minority. As everywhere in the world, there may have been incidents of harassment of minorities. But this was not the reason for their migration.
Majority of Jews in Israel are of European or American descent. Were they too forced out of America and Europe? No! The American Tax payers’ money is given as aid to Israel which in turn is used as an incentive to Jews who migrate to Israel (a land robbed from the Palestinians). This is the reason for their migration from all over the world including the Muslim world.