Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PLEASE Communicate with me about 9/11

Hi Mike, PLEASE Communicate with me about 9/11 & "9/11 Science & Conspiracy"

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jsteenhoekengl250 said...

Hello Tom,

I have created a blog about the effects on the American people after 9/11. I believe there were instant policy changes to help combat terrorism in America that had high support, however years after the attack showed that we may have changed immediately, but we slowly drifted back into our old ways. Racism against Muslims was widespread throughout America, which only made the immediate reactions quicker and more compassionate, while leaving a lasting racism against the group.

Would you mind reading my blog at http://jsteenhoekengl250.blogspot.com/ ? I would like to have your perspective.

Jake Steenhoek
The Green Room at Iowa State University