Sunday, September 01, 2013

Message sent to TJ's tumbler and Youtube account about Syria

   It is almost guaranteed that more people will die if the US attacks Syria. I am disappointed that you are trying to sell what is in fact an illegal action. You give credit to Obama ignores his oath of office, declaring his contempt for the Constitution and international treaties such as The Kellogg-Briand Pact and the UN Charter. And from what I have seen, Syria isn't even in violation of a law, if you have info, I would like to see it.

   There is a very good chance rebels either did it on purpose or accidentally. The US has had this region in its crosshairs for years, it is naive to think this is a concern abut chemical weapons. What about the white phosphorus? where was US outrage over that? There are greater goals and obligations which have the larger objective to avoid large scale suffering. You are basically advocating for an illegal action that will make things worse when we have an obligation to pursue peaceful solutions with diplomacy and negotiations.

   I am surprised you think this is on the level even with Obama's open declaration of disregard for US and international law. Even with his arrogant performance where he wouldn't even answer questions in the Rose Garden. Even after his dishonestly claiming Libya didn't even amount to hostilities so he wasn't in violation of the War Powers Act! Obama has prolonged totally unnecessary wars and got the US into new illegal wars or actions.

    If you really are concerned about chemical weapons, advocating for an illegal act what will almost certainly cause more people to suffer from them INCLUDING THE POSSIBILITY OF AMERICANS, is irrational. Bombing Syria is illegal and EXTREMELY RISKY, a risk of expanding into a world war, that's a good reason we have the obligation not to start wars or join in them and an obligation to pursue peaceful avenues. Please respond to me and see my video.


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