Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What, exactly are you afraid of?

UC Berkeley’s Jewish Student Union "for its part, based its rejection on J Street U's invitations to have Breaking the Silence, a group of former soldiers opposed to the occupation, speak to students,

At this point, I have only one question for the members of the JSU: What, exactly are you afraid of?

That students at Berkeley will be exposed to actual, flesh and blood Israelis talking honestly about their experiences serving their country?

UC Berkeley’s Jewish Student Union (JSU) "leaders told the Daily Californian last week that the picture presented by Breaking the Silence is unfair, and that "Jewish students with connections to Israel would be alienated."" - At Berkeley, love of Israel means no fear - except fear of J Street, What message is Berkeley's Jewish Student Union sending if it hails Israel's democracy while refusing to accept other points of view?

"UC Berkeley’s Jewish Student Union (JSU) voted Wednesday to deny membership to J Street U. Apparently, the main reason is J Street U’s relationship with Breaking the Silence, an organization of which I am a member." - J Street U Rejected for Standing Behind IDF Soldiers

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