Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NYT twitter account misleads public about Iraq WMD

The NYT twitter account is tweeting misleading info about Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Those were not WMD which Saddam was supposedly hiding. Those were either chemical weapons which had already been declared and put under UN seal or discarded weapons not part of any active program. I explain the situation in this video: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS

If you listen to what the NYT video says, the two examples of exposure were from an IMPROVISED explosive device (meaning insurgents got hold of something that had been secured by the UN but due to Bush's illegal attack on Iraq they became unsecured and insurgents took them and IMPROVISED a weapon out of it.) Or the other main case the video talks about where the US soldiers find discarded weapons and decide to blow them up and end up exposing themselves due to their own actions of exploding discarded chemical weapons. THAT is why it wasn't made a big public story, because it makes the soldiers look bad for managing to expose themselves through their own actions of digging up discarded chemical and recklessly blowing them up.

The NYT put a misleading tweet together and those promoting it are then twisting it even more when they misrepresent the situation. I now see many people retweeting the NYT's misleading tweets and also crowing about them on their blogs.

In the video info I put the following information (links in video info of video):

Bush memoir makes selective use of Iraq data By Walter Pincus Washington Post Staff Writer "Bush left out that Blix later said, "Iraq has on the whole cooperated rather well so far" with inspectors. "The most important point to make is that access has been provided to all sites we have wanted to inspect and with one exception it has been prompt."

Panel: U.S. Ignored Work of U.N. Arms Inspectors By Dafna Linzer Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, April 3, 2005; Page A06 "By the time President Bush ordered U.S. troops to disarm Saddam Hussein of the deadly weapons he was allegedly trying to build, every piece of fresh evidence had been tested -- and disproved -- by U.N. inspectors, according to a report commissioned by the president"

Inspectors Call U.S. Tips 'Garbage' one source has referred to the US intelligence they've been getting as "garbage after garbage after garbage." CBS News Correspondent Mark Phillips reports
By Brian Dakss CBS News

A Spy Speaks Out By Daniel Schorn
"According to Tyler Drumheller, who was a former top CIA official and 26-year veteran of the agency, CIA Director George Tenet delivered the news about the Iraqi foreign minister at a high-level meeting at the White House, including the president, the vice president and Secretary of State Rice. Drumheller said, 'he told us that they had no active weapons of mass destruction program.' 'So in the fall of 2002, before going to war, we had it on good authority from a source within Saddam's inner circle that he didn't have an active program for weapons of mass destruction?' Bradley asked. 'Yes,' Drumheller replied. He says there was doubt in his mind at all. 'It directly contradicts, though, what the president and his staff were telling us," Bradley remarked."

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