Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Witness 10 of Michael Brown Shooting

Witness 10: … I seen the two young guys walkin' down the street on the same sidewalk that I was on and …

Detective:  Can I - can I clarify just a couple things? Roughly, what time was this?

Witness 10: Roughly I wanna say 8:40, I mean not 8:40, 11:40-1 :40 is when that - when I first seen these two guys. And, my initial thought was, "wow, that's a big dude." Because Mr. Brown, Mike Brown, my initial thought was he's a big guy. He's tall and like stocky build and that's it. He - he, they both walked passed me.

I took my tools, went into _____ I came back outside _____ to get some more stuff and I looked down the street and I seen the police car at a slant and I seen Mr. Brown in the window of the police car looked ... it appeared as they were wrestling through the window and one gunshot had let off. And, Mr. Brown took off running and my first thought was like "oh my gosh" did I actually just witness a police officer being murdered because it took a while for the police officer to get out of the car and pursue the - the suspect. And, I wanna say maybe six seconds, but it seemed like it was forever after the - the - the first gunshot. 

So, the police officer exited the vehicle with his weapon drawn pursuing Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was quite a distance and he stopped and when he stopped, he didn't get down on the ground or anything. He turned around and he did some type of movement. I never seen him put his hands up or anything. I can't recall the movement that he did. I'm not sure if he pulled his pants up or - or whatever he did but I seen some type of movement and he started charging towards the police officer. 

The police officer then returned fire, well, not returned fire, open fire on Mr. Brown. Um, if I had to guess the shots and the - the distance between him and, a, Mr. Brown, it would have to be five to ten yards and the shots that were fired was four, five to six shots fired and Mr. Brown was still standing up. Um, and my thoughts was while he's missing this guy this close, is he - is he hitting him or because Mr. Brown there was no reaction from him to show that he was been hit. Um, after that, Mr. Brown then paused. He - he - he stopped running and when he stopped running the police officer stopped firing. And, then Mr. Brown continued, started again to charge towards him and after that the police officer returned fire and um well not returned, I'm using wrong ... a started to fire once more at him. Um, if I had to guess the rounds that were fired then it would be four to five more shots and after that Mr. Brown collapsed and fell to the ground.

Detective: Okay. What happened then?

Witness 10: Um, what happened then after that um I didn't see, it was a-a blue Monte Carlo, a-a newer model Monte Carlo, two-door and um, it was closer to the scene where the shooting was at, that occurred. They then drove off and made a-a left into the apartments and drove around the apartment and then came and stopped and um Mr. Brown's friend that he was walking with earlier, I didn't see him the whole time that um this was all going on with, a, confrontation with the police and the shooting and everything. 

At the end, after Mr. Brown had dropped and um, I seen the, his friend come out of - of nowhere and run across the street and a, said that, "Dog, they just-they just killed him. They just killed him" and he ran um, the back fields of Canfield. . . the back open field. And um, I must say that also after the, um confrontation after the gunshot when Mr. Brown did run, I thought I heard a, something' metal hit the ground and I'm not sure what it was but I thought I heard something' hit the ground.

And um, after that I believe, I'm not sure um, if I went in to go tell the people that I was working with that I just. . .what I witnessed and I came back out and they were taping the scene off and I decided I went down there closer to where the body was and I stayed down there for maybe ten. . . five to ten minutes and I was speakin' _____  down there on the scene. And, I was tellin' _____ what happened and after me tellin' _____ what happened and I'm hearin' eveybody their side of the story, saying, "Oh, the police officer shot that kid for no reason. He had his hands up" and me knowing and seeing what actually took place, that wasn't true and a, there was different sides to the story and every side wasn't true so I felt uncomfortable in that situation so I decided to - to walk back to the um to _____ that I was at, originally at. And, um, while I was walkin'

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