Thursday, November 26, 2015

Metal Fires which may have been in the World Trade Center ( WTC2 )

"Much of this debris came from the aircraft itself and from the office furnishings that the aircraft pushed forward as it tunneled to this far end of the building. Large fires developed on these piles shortly after the aircraft impact and continued to burn in the area until the tower collapsed. " Isn't it common sense that any metal fires are due to material we would expect when a plane crashes into those floors? You do know they make Fire Extinguishers for metal fires because they can happen with aircraft materials:

 Class D Fire Extinguishers are used for fighting class D Fires.

Class D: Metal fires involving magnesium, sodium, potassium and sodium-potassium alloys.

Class D Fire Extinguishers are mainly used for the aircraft industry, auto body shops, factories that work with metals, and other metal fire hazards.

I thought your "controlled demolition" theory insisted that MANY floors (almost every floor or ALL floors) were attacked with "thermite" to make the towers collapse "so fast" *so why are these metal fires only where the plane material was?

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