Monday, July 04, 2005

Another fool (V the K) complains that Reuters is "anti-American" over at "Oh, That Liberal Media"

I explain to him:
You think what you do because you are ignorant or in denial. I searched on Google for "Reuters anti-american "

The very first story returned is from "AIM" and it claims "Reuters Anti-American Bias " "AIM" complains about how Reuters covered Jessica Lynch's homecoming but AIM is WRONG!!! The "AIM" story complains "Reuters used the event to replay allegations that the U.S. military had hyped Lynch's ordeal and rescue into a "story of U.S. heroism under fire."

Turns out the allegations were true. The fact is when we finally heard from Jessica Lynch herself, she said the same thing about the US military!
Jessica Lynch Says Military Manipulated Her Story
" Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch has accused the military of using her capture and dramatic nighttime rescue to sway public support for the war in Iraq.
Lynch said she’s bothered by the military’s portrayal of her ordeal in Iraq. She said the U.S. military manipulated the story of her dramatic rescue — and shouldn’t have filmed it in the first place."

V the K responds "Ahem"

Yeah, I read that article V the K. More proof how off the wall the opinion's of the WSJ are. They bitched, just as AIM did, that the article was "anti-American", IT WAS NOT.

First of all, the WSJ admits that the byline thing is not an issue, "Now, wire-service stories often are collaborations between many reporters and writers; a single byline doesn't necessarily mean the putative author is responsible for every word of the story. If Reuters had stuck to simply reporting the news, this would not be a scandal."

WSJ 's beef is that Reuters included in the story what media critics said about "U.S. government propaganda and credulous reporters." WSJ wanted the article to be typical clueless BS that doesn't point to the culprits with a vague line that the Deanna Wrenn wrote: "reports vary about Pfc. Jessica Lynch and her ordeal in Iraq."

"reports vary"?!? So the government didn't create propaganda? Its all a "misunderstanding," the fault of no one in particular? Typical American reporter BS.

Not only was Reuters right, when we finally heard from Jessica Lynch herself, she complained about the propaganda!

So there is your "Ahem" V the K. Reading comprehension is not your forte. The US government lied and they lied about Tillman too. When the hell are you going to wake up?

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