Saturday, July 23, 2005

Trade Offs: Saving Our Lives and Our Money or keeping their policies

We can't just stop the foreign policies? That would be too easy!

I'm a New Yorker too and I commute to NYC all the time. I am often just blocks from the WTC site. Why does the racist state of Israel take priority over my life and the lives of my fellow citizens? Why is the US foreign policy of manipulating Middle Eastern governments worth more than my life and the lives of my fellow citizens?

What happened to "live free or die'? Why are we giving up anything? If anyone has to give up something for us to be safer, why the hell can't it be the special interests who give up on those foreign policies in the Middle East that threaten our safety? The policies are unjust, immoral and illegal. Why should they continue?

And don't tell me we can't change what is happening. Fact is, we stopped insisting that all those US troops be stationed in Saudi Arabia, so YES we can change policy to increase our security. Problem is the agendas that want US support of Israel to continue and the policies of imposing force upon the Middle Eastern countries don't want to give up their stranglehold. They are putting us all at risk.

Why do we have to give up some of our rights? Why the hell should we give up ANY of our rights?

I have watched politicians and pundits lie to the American people about why we have been attacked and I am sick of it. We owe this lying bastards NOTHING, we owe the special interests that our politicians lie for NOTHING. We are not obligated to continue polices just because some special interest insists that we do. And to add insult to injury, they lie to us in order to trick us into thinking the attacks are not because of the policies but rather just because we are living here as we do with our freedoms. (Yes, there are many Americans that actually believe that we are attacked because "they hate our freedoms.") Freedoms our politicians tell us we must curtail.

There is a reason that politicians and pundits lie to us about why we were attacked, they serve interests that don't want the average American to understand the connection between specific foreign policies and the terrorism. We have to lose out and yet these policies overseas stay?

Now it is BS to say that "we aren't yielding". We are giving up freedoms. It simply can not be said that we are not paying a price for continuing these policies. We should not have to pay the price and it certainly isn't just that we are paying this price but the fact is we are paying, in huge amounts of our tax dollars and with our very lives.

It is not justified that we must pay the toll for having these policies. The choice is between dramatically increasing our security by stopping the policies or having our security put a enormous risk by keeping the policies going, I say STOP THE POLICIES. Why the hell should we the American people continue to put our lives at risk and waste billions of dollars?

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