Thursday, July 07, 2005

So how successful is the "fly paper" theory for the Iraq War?

Did the illegal war on Iraq do Britain any good? OR did it increase the threats and attacks to Britain?

I certainly don't feel safe on public transportation here in the US. Why the hell must my life be put at risk for the sake of specific foreign policies? How much longer are we going to allow our politicians to put our lives at risk because of their unjust and immoral policies?

I am watching CNN and they are talking about how we must now be watching out more as we travel the trains. For me it means the Long Island Rail Road and then the NYC subway.

I really resent the fact that their are people in America that are intentionally lying to the public about why we are being targeted. These foreign policies are not worth more than our lives and the American people have a right to know why their lives are being put at risk.
I posted this at my blog yesterday: The threat we face can be removed if we look at the situation honestly and fix what is wrong.

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