Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hundreds of Thousands or Millions of Americans Could Be Killed if Specific Foreign Policies Continue Unchanged

"In other words, one of the biggest dangers we face is if a biological, chemical, or nuclear device gets in the hands of terrorists. Listen, they will use them. By the way, you can't negotiate with these people or reason with them. That's what you've got to understand. These are not the kind of people you sit down and send a counselor over and hope to convince them to change their ways. These are cold-blooded ideologues who will kill. And therefore, we've got to plan for the worst." - President Bush July 20, 2005

"What I'm telling you is, is that we're focused here in -- and I want to thank again, thank Congress for staying focused with us. When you're at war, you can't lose sight of the fact that you're at war. And if your most important priority is to protect the people, you've got to work together to do so." - President Bush July 20, 2005
Too Late For Regrets
If your most important priority is to protect the people, you would end the unjust, immoral, and illegal US foreign policies in the Middle East. If you listen to Bush and others they are clearly saying we could get hit with a horrifically enormous attack. We could lose hundreds thousand and into the millions. We must stop liars like our President and other politicians from putting our lives at risk. Yes it does matter why are lives are being put at risk.

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