Saturday, July 23, 2005

Subway Searches

This is total BS. Why the hell do we have to have this done to us when the special interests get their foreign policies to continue unchanged?

Ending policies that are wrong is the best thing we can do.

Some people tried to argue that we must not end slavery even after slaves were carrying out terrorist attacks against whites

Some of you dishonest Israel supports try to argue that calling for an end to the policies is the same as saying that the terrorist attacks are justified. This is a manipulative and dishonest tactic and it is used against the American public as a weapon to keep us from challenging the policies. It is one of the most vile tactics used by supporters of Israel against Americans.

Calling for an end to the policies is not saying the attacks were justified. Neither was calling for and end to slavery a claim that children's heads being bashed out of their skulls was justified. Attacks on the civilians are not justified, BUT that doesn't mean that the policies that drove these men to do it are justified The policies are WRONG. That is why they lie to you about why we were attacked

We can DRAMATICALLY increase our security and save billions of we end the policies.

READ: Trade Offs: Saving Our Lives and Our Money or keeping their policies

We can't just stop the foreign policies? That would be too easy!

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