Monday, July 11, 2005

"do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

"RY" writes, the word "massacre" was over-doing it

Now you are making me repeat points I posted? Did you read this thread before you interjected your comments?
The Battle is known as "The Massacre at Wounded Knee" that is why Reuters thought it was "safe" to use the word "massacred"

"RY" writes, is interesting that someone is still alive from the time of the American Indian wars.

Well yes, that is it exactly. That is why it was picked for the story, it was also the most dramatic thing that happened that year. There is nothing wrong with the Reuters story, the complaints here are evidence of an extremely unhealthy mindset.
As for the Shah, forcing people to live under a King is despicable, Undermining their efforts at democracy is a crime. The Shah was guilty of the deaths of many Iranians and the misery of many more and they had a right to overthrow their King. For God sakes, freeing oneself from a King is so basic to our American principles, it is the fundamental act our Founding Fathers! How the hell can you be so blind? Arguing with you is like arguing with Americans of the 1830's who couldn't see that slavery was wrong in spite of the fact that liberty was a fundamental principle upon which our country was founded. You are unreal in your disregard for the rights of people in foreign lands.

There is a simple rule you should learn, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Once you grasp, that you will see that US foriegn policy in the Middle East has been immoral.

"So, Tom blames the U.S. for doing what any other nation in history does, look out for their own best interests. Pathetic."

You are so brainwashed that you are an apologist for the massive wrongs of horrifically immoral foreign policies. Saying "other people have done it" as an excuse for imposing so much misery and suffering and death upon people is perverse? Any murderer can claim that "others have done it" and yes there have been other murderers. OJ can claim that others have murdered people too, that doesn't make it right! He and his lawyers didn't try to get away with that excuse, instead choosing the denial tactic.

All the crimes of US foreign policy makers you are excusing with the most despicable rationalization. And to deny or minimize the enormity of the wrongs with a euphemistic " look out for their own best interests" is disgusting. Any thug and criminal can claim that! The question is are we a moral people that are a nation of laws? Any one that wants to engage in immoral activity can always point to others like them in history. Would you want someone wronging you even if they had an excuse that others have wronged people in the past? What you are doing is simply grotesque and it puts us at greater risk."Greater the risk of the next 9/11, whether that is a suicide attack, a nuclear attack, or a biological attack."

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