Sunday, July 03, 2005


Has MSM reporting of the 1979 hostage crisis informed the public about WHY the hostages were taken? This isn't a "snarky" question. Can you answer it?

Insisting that people don't violate the law and that they respect human rights is not "bashing" Holding all Americans to this standard, including US officials, is not "America bashing"

MSM refused to Report this Basic Fact: Attacking Iraq Violates International Law

IS the MSM reporting basic truths or do they go out of their way to suppress them? How is it that a man who watches the MSM like a hawk with a critical eye was ignorant of the fact that American soldiers had murdered prisioners? If the media is behaving as you claim, how is it that Brent didn't know a story that according to your logic "the media would report"?

As far as ignorance, the MSM sat on its hands and refused to report the results of a PIPA poll that had startling results: "75% of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq was providing substantial support to al-Qaeda, and 63% believe that clear evidence of this support has actually been found."

I emailed the media myself, they refused to report these facts before the election. The majority of Americans went to the polls in ignorance. THe MSM didn't care.

Notice how the media played along with the idea that Kerry "accused" US troops of committing war crimes in Vietnam. what the media didn't make clear is that Kerry said "They told the stories at times they had personally ..." The soldiers were the ones saying war crimes were commiteed, but the media played along with the swift boat crap that Kerry was the one claiming it. And when in early 2004 evidence of the war crimes was published in the The Toledo Blade, the MSM sat on their hands again, refusing to inform the American public the war crimes chronicled in the US Army's own documents! The documents made available in the National Archives back up what Kerry had said and put the lie to his critics but MSM didn't report this to the American public! You can hunt for the info or be lucky enough to happen to read the Toledo Blade article that day or the Village Voice article but over all the MSM fails to report truths that you assume they would, truths you assume would be readily available for people to learn about. You assume that truths like these "would be" reported by the MSM and thus be made apparent to you but the fact is they overwhelmingly are not.

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