Tuesday, July 29, 2003

<< I agree, I read and listened to all the sruff Bin Laden said, however there are Muslims like Bin Laden who've in many interviews have said they hated the U.S way of life for the reson I stated, and PBS did a special by Steve Emerson, called Jihad in Amerca >>

thank you. now we need to wake America up to the fact that the President and others lie about why we were attacked and that we don't owe these liears a damn thing. We need to be honest and admit that the real reason was hidden from the public. How noble and jus can these polices be if these leaders are unwilling to admit that these polices are the reason we were attacked. Clearly Bush and others don't admit that it is the policies that are the issue becasue they want to shield these polcies from public scrutiny. Bush and company are serving the interests of those that want these foriegn polcies to continue.

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