Wednesday, July 30, 2003

<< You know something Media, the far left isn't left enough for you, which is quite telling, and your comments about Mathews are BIZZARE >>

What is bizarre is how conditioned you are to think Israeli policies are OK. No wonder it was so hard to end slavery and establish equal rights, people like you JUST DON'T GET IT. (or are too intellectually lazy or to cowardly to even try)

I have seen Matthews question a political candidate for Palestinians and fuss about what will happen to the demographics of a Jewish State, will it maintain enough of a Jewish majority? (could you imagine today an interviewer fretting over if South Africa can remain "white enough"? It would be so racist and disgusting the interviewer would most likely lose his job.

The U.S. used to view South Africa differently, seeing Mandella as a terrorist. Not concerned about the oppression of the blacks. Today the same is true with the Palestinians. What is bizarre is not seeing this.

What is bizarre is that you admit what the motives were for 9/11 but you think it is OK to allow Bush to get away with deceiving the public about why they are in harm's way. This is your idea of a good citizen. Seems to me there are far to many with your mindset, so full of it with your "far liberal" talk and yet allow this country to wallow in corruption without lifting a finger to hell set the record straight and allow the public to why things are actually happening to them.
What kind of sick idea do you have in your head about what AMERICA should be? You think it is OK for a NATION to be made fools of about the most important event in their lifetime? To be made ignorant because powerful people prefer the public not to know and therefore possibly question foreign policies? WHY aren't you doing something?

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