Tuesday, August 19, 2003

<< I got the fact that the inspectors were kicked out straight from the horses mouth, like from former cheif weapons inspector, Richard Butler, and YES, even Scott Ritter, both of whom said the inspectors were KICKED OUT when they had their deabte on the now defunked Phil Donahue show on MSNBC >>

No Dbetter, you are wrong. I happened to have saved the transcript of that show and put it on my web site, so don't even try it. http://www.representativepress.org/USinvolved.html Scott Ritter DID NOT SAY THE INSPECTORS WERE KICKED OUT.

"Understand that, in December 1998, it wasn't Iraq that kicked the inspectors out. It was a phone call from Peter Burleigh to you that got the inspectors out, so the United States could initiate a bombing campaign,Desert Fox, which used U.N. intelligence to target Saddam Hussein. That destroyed the credibility of the inspection." - RITTER on Donahue January 13 US involved in Saddam's gassings

Dbetter, how come you are always spreading disinformation and lies? I also posted a link to several media sources who AT THE TIME reported the truth but NOW it serves the agendas of the powerful to lie so the lie. did you look at the link or not?

By the way there is something that Butler and Ritter both agreed on: (NOTE THAT THE MEDIA DID NOT FOCUS ON AMERICA'S INVLOVEMENT IN THESE WAR CRIMES!!!)

US involved in Saddam's gassings!: Facts like these are not too popular with the US mainstream media now. 'Donahue' for January 13
       HAIG: If I may-if I may ask these two this question because this is a-this is a fallacy that is put out a lot, that we gave chemical, biological or nuclear technologies to Iraq. Is that true?
       BUTLER: Actually, we gave Iraq technical advice on how to use its chemical weapons against Iran.
       HAIG: Do you know for a fact we gave them technical advice on how to use chemical weapons?
       BUTLER: Absolutely undisputed.
       HAIG: In what sense?
       RITTER: Wafiq Samarai (ph), the former head of the Iraqi intelligence service responsible for Iran-I have met with him many times, and he has said that U.S. advisers were sitting there as Iraq planned the inclusion of chemical weapons in the Anfal (ph) offensive.
       HAIG: I will never believe that. (yep, for some they can't get it into their heads. Here is Butler and Ritter AGREEING and this clown still doesn't get it. do you get it?)

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