Wednesday, August 20, 2003

<< I accomplished getting a rise out of a person that I believe is not an American. >>

you are wrong again, and you proved my point.
I knew there had to be something going on year. You guys are not too bright and now you have admitted that you are not even trying to use your head. You stupidly get this wrong idea in your head and you set off in refusal mode acting like an ass. Never even occurred to you that you are wrong did it?

As far as Israel, you obviously never have made the effort to research a damn thing, have you?
Suicide Bombers Kill 2 Israelis; Shatter Truce Calm
Aug. 12
— By Rami Amichai
ROSH HA'AYIN, Israel (Reuters) - Two Palestinian suicide bombers killed two Israelis in attacks barely an hour apart Tuesday, shattering six weeks of relative calm ushered in by a cease-fire declared by Palestinian militants.

You glide along assuming that the media is being straight with you. They aren't.
The above deceptive and manipulative reporting is just the most recent example of the game played when reporting about Israel. The headline is actually a double deception and lie. Would you know from the above headline that the "truce" was in fact not shattered by the suicide bombers because it was already shattered by Israel? Would you think that what is called a "truce" is considered by Israel to mean that Palestinians agreed to a ceasefire but that it doesn't apply to Israel? The word truce is used so that you would actually think what most people think when they hear truce. They think two sides have agreed to a cease-fire.
What the press is doing is crooked. What is called "reporting" by mainstream media today is a sick joke and off the wall. It is as Chomsky has written, "When the intellectual history of this period is someday written, it will scarcely be believable."
Because you make these wrong assumptions, you don't have a clue what is really going on because you have just swallowed the crap that the mainstream media has fed you.
As far as America, I am America. Get it? You don't grasp what this country is supposed to be. A country of, by and for the people. It is supposed to be my government, those sitting in Washington are supposed to be my representatives and were selected to do the people's will.
Having people lied to and deceived about what is going on and using the government to serve the agendas of special interests is never what this country was supposed to be about. When you write something as stupid as "Why do you hate America so much? ", it shows how extremely ignorant you are.
It is extremely ignorant to label a citizens desire for truth and justice as "hate." Use your head you brainwashed simpleton. Is calling for an end to Enron's corruption "hate"? Do you even know what Enron did to this country? Being a citizen is more that sitting on your ass making IGNORANT comments and playing lowclass games. "getting a rise out of a person"? You really lack basic social skills. Educate yourself and learn some manners, you are making a spectacle out of yourself.

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