Thursday, May 13, 2004


I posted a response to your question: "Can you please explain to me why the US government should take any account whatsoever of other people *unless* it furthers the interests of the US government? I mean, what else is the US government for? In fact can you give me one instance from all recorded history where any national government has ever done anything of real import for another country unless it was in their interest?"

Here it is:
Did you miss the point? US policy makers setback the people of Afghanistan by supporting terrorists in an attempt to destroy the progressive government.

You wrote, "where any national government has ever done anything of real import for another country" The point isn't that US policy makers didn't do anything for the Afghanis, the point is they HARMED THEM.

I have found that people want to deny that US foreign policy makers are willing to harm people to further their agendas. This seems to be what you are doing by not dealing with it and instead acting like the question is between actively helping or just doing nothing. I think I am making myself clear. The point is not that US policy makers aren't doing something of "real import" for the Afghanistan, the point is that the US policy makers were willing to HARM them as they carry out their agenda. I think you are not addressing this point because I can't imagine that you would be arguing that any national government should actually hurt people as they pursue their agenda.

Tom Murphy

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