Thursday, May 13, 2004

A reader comments, "you're a racist. let me ask you a question, RIGHT NOW, as we speak, Arabs are murdering blacks by the THOUSANDS in the Sudan, ethnically cleansing them out of the country, where' your outrage, hypocrite?"

Our country isn't SUPPORTING IT! ****, is that such a difficult concept for you to get?

As a citizen of the United States I have a moral responsibility to make sure my government doesn't CAUSE harm. THat is what is happening with Israel. that is what is happening in the Middle East. By the way, I went to the trouble of explaining how US polciy makers fucked over country after country after country in the Middle East. so you are a LIAR when you make your claim that "it is only about Isreal".

I emialed you the following (it talked about US policy makers fucking the people of Iraq, fucking the people of Iran fucking the people of Jordan)

what the hell are you talking about "in order to fight what was a greater threat at the time"? The CIA handed over the names of THOUSANDS of people for the Baaath party to kill, many tortured first. you can justify any evil action by claiming "we had to in oder to fight somethign else" but what did you dream we were fighting when we put the Baath party into power in 1963?
at some point does it ever sink in that there are indeed greedy immoral people that use US polcies to further their agenda?

and when the hell did you think the US "paid for the mistakes"? are you totally clueless?
Do you realize how many times the US has undermined democracy? Why? because greedy men want to expliot the resources and not have the population share in the wealth. this is easily done when you have dictators in charge. Jesus Christ, at some point don't you feel foolish making excuses for these guys?

Deal with the fact that there are indeed greedy people that use American policies for immoral agendas. If you need another example of the dishonesty, look at the case of CIA coup to overthrow Mossadegh. I am told that "everyone" knows about this. In fact it is widely know and has been publicly admitted by former CIA director James Woolsey, "in the early 1950's the CIA, under President Eisenhower's instructions, helped overthrow the Mossadeg government and re-install the Shah. Given what's happened in Iran since 1979, Mossadeg looks pretty good by comparison. In retrospect it would have probably been a better idea to let Iran take its own course then -- there might not be so much resentment against the U.S. there now if we had kept our hands off." Now if you want to see if things are on the level, check the CIA web site: ( ) where they explain,"Known as Persia until 1935, Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling shah was forced into exile. " The CIA omits 44 years of history in order to avoid admitting the truth on their web site. For God Sakes, what more do you need to see?

And guy, we supported the Shah, that was the problem. we even allowed the murderer to get medical treatment here. You don't think the Iranians should be angry with the US for imposing the Shah on them. (and at the same time the US pumped money to the mulahs to keep them quite. so we really fucked over the moderates in Iran.) We supported a murderous dictator AND pumbed money to the fundamentalsits.

AS for Jordan, King Hussein responded to public pressure by allowing free parliamentary elections. He was aligned with the British but the people were pro-Nasser. (Nasser was the champion of Arab nationalism) In 1956 he replaced 64 British officers with native ones and "this was followed by free parliamentary elections which produced a pro-Nasser government under Prime Minister Suleiman Nabusli. Briefly king and government worked together, but seeing his royal prerogatives eroded by a government of the people, the former reached for outside help."1 And the outside help that King Hussein reached out to was CIA agent James Russell Barracks.
"In April 1957 King Hussein was twenty-two and the US government had already replaced Britain as his financial backer and protector. ... the US government was determined to reclaim Jordan as a Western sphere of influence. This meant replacing the freely elected government of Jordan and the reemergence of Hussein's royal dictatorship."

The exampes above show US policy makers fucking the people of Iraq, fucking the people of Iran fucking the people of Jordan. do you see a pattern?

what "threat" were we fighting when we enslaved hundreds of thousands of blacks? Slavery in America was about GREED and BUSINESS. has anyone every put in those terms for you?
And sure enough the press explained away the terrorism that was in reponce to slavery by claiming it was "without cause or provocation"
so rather than"paying for mistakes" the elites have lied to the public and gotten away with it. and in large part becasue of people like you.

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