Sunday, October 17, 2004

We walk through their ancient capitals in t-shirts and sneakers, expecting everyone to understand English if we speak it loudly and slowly enough

THAT IS NOT WHY WE ARE HATED!!!! The policy makers have supported brutal governments and backed terrorism against millions of people. US policy makers have invaded and bombed people and US policy makers have violated International Law.

Should I punch you in the face because I claim that you might punch me? (even if you have not even threatened me?) It is ridiculous right? Bush had made that policy. Do you realize how off the wall it is? It would be illegal would it not. International LAw is based on the same standards of reasonable and moral behavior. If we are under real threat then according to International Law we do indeed have a right to defend ourselves. Just as if you were attacking me or if you pulled a gun on we. And the US media isn't teaching you what is going on. Bush has publicly mocked the very idea of International law. the US media isn't telling you this! In Iraq we violated International law by attacking, we violated international by imposing laws upon Iraq in direct violation of the Hague convention which we signed. we placed our CIA asset in the Iraqi GOverning COuncil. The process of determining the PM was violated and we now have him Allawi as PM. the US media isn't telling you this!
PM Allawi. according to two independently interviewed witnesses shot to death 6 prisoners. the US media isn't telling you this!
what we now have is Saddam II in power in Iraq and it is again the fault of the US. We have violated the will of the Iraqi people and we talk opening about keeping troops there for years when we know, according to polls taken in Iraq. Are you not putting 2 and 2 together? If we are supposedly there to set up a democracy then we can't talk about doing things in violation of the Iraqi people. The BS has been exposed, you just need to see it.
We know that ISrael is not popular with Arabs and yet we have allowed the Mossad to infiltrate Iraq. We have allowed Israeli businesses to get deals in Iraq, even though we know how Iraqis fell about Israel. Who does Iraq belong to? Who is supposed to make the decisions if it is a true democracy? And Iraqi officials talk openly about a pipeline from Iraq to Israel. you know damn well the Iraqi people don't want their oil to go to Israel and yet we allow these shits to openly talk like this. did you hear it in the American media?

Do you have any idea how wrong it is what US policy makers have done around the world. it isn't about T-Shits and sneakers. wake up, you are in a dream world.

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