Saturday, August 27, 2005


You are in a position to call for taking away the terrorists' motives for attacking the US, why are you not doing so? Bush Lied to the American People about 9/11 Terrorists' Motives, are you OK with that?

You seem to be OK with Bush and others lying to us about why we were attacked since you never point it out and you never call for ending the specific foreign polices that make us targets. Why are you willing to have us spend billions and curtail our freedoms yet ending these policies is off limits with you?

The 9/11 Commission is avoiding the MAIN MOTIVE for why we were attacked, why are you doing that as well? Did you not see this man trying to get the Commission to deal with the main motive?

You should know that the man who conceived and directed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was motivated by his strong disagreement with American support for Israel.
Mohamed Atta, the ring leader of the September 11th suicide hijackers also held the same grievance.

Why are you OK with Lee Hamilton and others suppressing the main motive for the attack?
Philip Zelikow admits "we don't really discuss American polices toward Israel in the report." Why in God's name are you not demanding that the 9/11 Commission deal with Israel? Why are you willing to have politicians put our lives at risk for Israel? Why are you willing to suffer the consequences of supporting Israel and allowing people to deceive the public about why people are motivated to attack us? Zelikow admits, "it's a fact that American policies in the Middle East have consequences and that you have to weigh those consequences. And that American support for the state of Israel has consequences in the Muslim world and fuels a lot of Arab and Muslim grievances toward the United States."

We don't deserve to be lied to, why are you playing along with the lie and helping these liars?

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