Monday, August 29, 2005

Zionist Jews Killing Jews
Evidence of early Zionists' murderous refusal of a peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians is perhaps the most dramatic when it involves the killing of Jewish civilians. It wasn't just Arabs that were being murdered, Zionists were even killing Jews who didn't accept the Zionist ideology. Killing Jews on the hit list composed by the terrorist groups of Irgun and LEHI was the ruthless Zionist way of "settling internal accounts." [ source: Chomsky, Fateful Triangle pp. 164-165]
One of the victims on the list was Jacob de Haan, a Dutch Jew, killed for the "crime" of attempting to work out a peaceful solution between the new settlers and the local Palestinians in 1921. Their own records reveal them saying "another reason for assassinating him was that he was a homosexual."

In another ruthless and cruel example, they drowned one of their own members because they worried the man might give information to the police if he was caught.
The Zionists did not restrict their killings to Jews, they killed Palestinian civilians as well.

There were large numbers of Jews who were opposed to Zionism and some of the
Zionists continued the assassinations of Jews who didn't conform to the Zionist agenda. In June 1924, a religious Jew was killed by Zionist terrorists, killed as he was leaving a hospital's small synagogue. The Zionist killers rationalized the murder by insisting that the man's anti-Zionist activities were evidence of a "pathological character."


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