Saturday, September 09, 2006

More examples of CNN suppressing motive of US support of Israel

Two more examples of CNN suppressing motive of US support of Israel

From "Al-Jazeera also showed al Qaeda video of the hijackers -- all wearing turbans and having full beards, in contrast to their clean-shaven looks on the day of the attacks -- reviewing flight manuals in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and it played a video message from one of the hijackers, who implored the United States to "take your fat hands off the land of Arabs." "We will get you. We will humiliate you. We will never stop following you," said Abdulaziz Alomari, one of the hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11, which flew into the north tower of the World Trade Center. - Al-Jazeera: Bin Laden tape praises hijackers

What left out highlighted in red: "To the United States, he says: "take your fat hands off the land of Arabs and stop supporting Jewish cowards. ... We will get you. We will humiliate you. We will never stop following you." - Hijack plot bared on Al Qaeda video

alt translation at shows same thing: "My work is a message to all those who heard me and to all those who saw me but at the same time it is a message to the infidels that you should leave the Arabian Peninsula defeated and stop giving a hand of help to the coward Jews in Palestine," the bearded young man read from a paper he held. - '20th Hijacker' Arrested

When another tape was released reported: ""It is time to kill the Americans on their own soil among their sons and next to their soldiers and intelligence agencies. ... We killed them outside their country, praise is to God, and today we kill them on their own soil," the man says on the tape." "The tape shows a bearded man wearing an Arab kaffiyeh or headdress, reading a prepared statement. Behind the man, a graphic appears -- apparently electronically inserted -- of New York's World Trade Center in flames after the attacks. Words also appear that say, "Get the infidels out of the Arabian peninsula." -New bin Laden tape surfaces

CNN didn't report that these words also appear: "I am out to look for the jihad land to get ready to kill the Americans and Islam's enemy. By this I'm helping my Creators religion and taking revenge for my brother's bloods. I never forgot and would neither forget the blood shed of my brothers by the hands of the Jews the grandsons of the monkeys and pigs with the clear support of the head of the kufr world the USA." .. "All this happens to our brothers and sisters around the world. Palestine even after half a century is still bleeding of Muslim blood."

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