Friday, September 15, 2006

Stop playing the anti-Semitism card

Stop playing the anti-Semitism card


Stop playing the anti-Semitism card. It has as much relevance and as much class as throwing "what, do you hate blacks?" at someone who thinks OJ Simpson was guilty of a vicious double murder.

Israel is not "the Jews," and to instantly jump up and down about the "the Jews" the minute foreign policies concerning Israel are discussed shows a very brainwashed mentality.

I just gave you a quote from the top commissioners of the 9/11 Commission. It showed that commissioners were willing to keep facts out of the 9/11 report all because they worried about protecting the policy of US support of Israel.

These commissioners knew that the average American would take a look at polices to see if anything could be changed THAT NEEDED TO BE CHANGED in order to serve the interests of the American people, their safety.

The Commission failed its duty to fulfill its mandate to address 9/11 and to make recommendations to prevent another attack with regard to the main motive for the attacks!

Israel is not "the Jews" and the government of Israel has no right to claim immunity from criticism because those that run the government are Jewish. You are intellectually lazy, you are unwilling to look at the facts.

Clearly the producers of "The Path to 9-11" played the same game the 9/11 Commission played. And this is about a gravely serious subject! They are playing political games with our lives! And you are from such a mindset of being subservient to powerful interests that you kiss the feet of people who are spitting on you. You can't see the enormous insult it is for these politicians, pundits and producers to lie us about why it is we are being attacked?

Why did they feel it necessary to fabricate a fatwa quote? Because they want to prevent Americans from having the chance to exercise their freedom to reassess the policy of US support of Israel. Lying about the 9/11 motives is the most dramatic lie in the service of the Israel agenda but it is not the only one. Why don't you make an effort? I laid out in detail the political games being played, how about having the intellectual courage and honestly to examine what I am saying instead of running from it screaming "anti-Semitism" in an attempt to abort discussion of this topic? There is a reason they are lying like this, the reason is these polices are not wonderful and are in fact very ugly if you take actually take a look at them.

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