Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Avert a Potential Crisis of Horrific Proportions


I see you, like me, are worried about what Bush may do next. At this point, the possibility of President Bush starting a war with Iran is so tangible that I don't see many, if any, people dismissing it out of hand.

In mainstream media, we hear from pundits talking about the likelihood of Bush attacking Iran yet only those pundits who omit mentioning it would violate international law and our Constitution get chosen to be on TV.

I agree with you that we must take the sane approach. Leaving Bush in power with the idea in his head that he has a right to attack Iran is DANGEROUS and could cost the lives of God knows how many Americans, let alone other people in the world.

We are in such a DANGEROUS situation right now that we must do more that advocate what Bush shouldn't do. We must prevent him from doing with with all our might, our very lives are at risk because of this insanity.

Bush must be impeached in order to prevent him from damaging our security and needlessly getting who knows how many more Americans killed. It is past time to put a stop to this self declared "War President." The man has proven that he is not fit to be Commander in Chief. As unimaginable as it sounds, three times now he has made it clear that he doesn't even know why he attacked Iraq. Contrary to the perception of many, the press doesn't hold him accountable. Bush has lied several times to the American people, a recent time he actually admitted to it and still the mainstream media was unwilling to call him a lair! In fact the Washington Post went as far as censoring one of their own articles: "Shortly after accurately reporting remarks that President Bush made during a press conference, the Washington Post changed its article. The newer version mischaracterized the president’s words and dropped a crucial quote. Why? Maybe because the old version of the article showed that the president is a liar."

Our lives are at risk, it is time to employ the basic powers of government to rescue ourselves from an impeding doom. We must demand that Congress impeach President Bush for launching the war on Iraq. The reason Bush said he attacked Iraq is a lie. He said he attacked because Saddam didn't let the inspectors in, THAT IS A LIE! What a insult to the American people that this man doesn't even know the basic fact about why he attacked Iraq! What an insult all those that served and all those that have died or have been maimed in Bush's war that Bush is lying about why he started the war. What an insult it is for the mainstream media to sweep these things under the rug, fooling millions of Americans about issues that effect their lives.

How did the American people get to this point? The media is manipulating the public and violating basic principles.

I think you have been influenced by mainstream media. How is it you scoff at the idea of a being as good as your word, at the idea of upholding international law? When the U.S. signs an international treaty, it is supposed to uphold it, that basic principle is enshrined in our Constitution. Over the past decades, the MSM has driven the idea out of many people's heads of behaving morally and legally in international affairs. The main way they do it is by neglecting to allow pundits on the air that support the rule of law. "A long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT" -Thomas Paine

We may have little time left. What do you say to doing a serious examination of the issues. We must insist that our representatives uphold the U.S. Constitution, it is the only way we are going to avert a potential crisis of horrific proportions. Bush must be stopped. With his words and actions, Bush has made it clear that nothing short of impeachment will stop him from starting another war. With his words and actions, Bush has made it clear that he is dangerous and nothing short of impeachment can protect the American people.

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