Monday, February 05, 2007

Exposing the fact that politicians and pundits are lying about "why they hate us."

Exposing the fact that politicians and pundits are lying about "why they hate us."

In response to my video, What motivated the 9/11 hijackers? See testimony most didn't, BurtLanden complains erroneously, "If you really think that al qaeda hates America because of our support for Israel, then youre a sucker. al Qaeda NEVER ONCE mentioned Israel until the last few years. do your homework. go back and read why bin Laden declared war on America in 1998. because of our support for Saudia Arabia and because we have troops on Saudi Arabian (Muslim ) soil. bin Laden HATED Arafat, Hussein and all Muslims who dont practice strict fundamentalist Islam. al qaeda couldnt give a crap about the Palestinians!"

That isn't true Burt. (Burt has swallowed Thomas Friedman's lie)

I put these links together to expose the fact that politicians and pundits are lying about "why they hate us." It is depraved to deny the main motive for the 9/11 attacks.

NEW POST: Motives for the September 11, 2001 Attacks

Why did Osama bin Laden declare a jihad against the US government?

Thomas Friedman has the audacity to lie to the American people about the worst attack against America in history in order to serve Israel's agenda.

Friedman lies about bin Laden's motives

Osama bin Laden Has Been Angry About U.S. Support of Israel for Decades
A chutzpah award goes to CNN's Anderson Cooper for pushing Thomas Friedman's canard even after reading Bergen's book.

Mainstream media certainly has not made it easy to understand what motivated the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11.

CNN continues to downplay and omit motives for attacks

SCANDAL: 9/11 Commissioners Bowed to Pressure to Suppress Main Motive for the 9/11 Attacks.

It is beyond the pale for Zionists to lie to us about why we were attacked on 9/11.

The reality is that we are striking them because of their evil and injustice in the whole of the Islamic World, especially in Iraq and Palestine and their occupation of the Land of the Two Holy Sanctuaries.

1993 World Trade Center Bombing Motive: Attack was "to revenge for my Palestinian brothers and my brothers in Saudi Arabia."

No Other Motivation, No Other Issue
Ramzi Yousef, the 1993 WTC bomber, was motivated to attack the US because of US support of Israel: He had no other motivation, no other issue.

The man who conceived and directed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, was motivated by his strong disagreement with American support for Israel

We were attacked by Al-Qaeda because of specific US Foreign Polices


Dishonesty about 9/11 motives robs Americans of the freedom to decide for ourselves if we want to put our lives at risk over specific foreign policies.

In an Oct. 2004 speech, Osama bin Laden said that Bush is still misleading the American people by not telling us the real reason why al-Qeada attacks us. Bin Laden said that, "contrary to what [President George W.] Bush says and claims -- that we hate freedom --let him tell us then, "Why did we not attack Sweden?" It is known that those who hate freedom don't have souls with integrity, like the souls of those 19. "[The 19 hijackers of 9/11]

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