Sunday, June 24, 2007

Waging Peace by Scott Ritter

Waging Peace: The Art of War for the Antiwar Movement by Scott Ritter

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Anonymous said...

I am Jack Shepard a Candidate for the Republican nomination for President blames 9/11 on (the Israeli Government Lobby)

( the Pro-Israel Lobby> Israel is a Foreign Government legal questions???????? the Pro-Israel Lobby of the Israeli Government has a strangle hold on over 99% of our American Congress! uses donations, threats of blocking re-election and the propaganda that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only end by continued revenge and violence!

I am redoing my front page of my web site to spread your videos Motive for 9/11 Part 1 links to
Motive for 9/11 Part 2

I, Jack Shepard a Republican Presidential Candidate, asks that both Jews and non-Jewish people to join Brit v'Shalom the Pro-Israel Peace Lobby. Brit v'Shalom’s 2 videos Let’s Talk Part 1 & Let’s Talk Part 2

Please join me and Brit v'Shalom to work to eliminate the strangle hold that; a Pro-Israel Lobby has over 99% of our American Congress! uses donations, threats of blocking re-election and the propaganda that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only end by continued revenge and violence! intimidation of our elected officials has greatly damaged to our American reputation internationally and cost America thousands of lives on 9/11. Please listen to Motive for 9/11 Part 1 and Motive for 9/11 Part 2

I am a Jew- (only a JEW can tell Israel stop your crimes- your policies toward your Palestinian People is an embarrassment to me.

What you are doing is creating a rise in anti-Semitism worldwide and I will stop you.

If only to save you because if you think one day a terrorist in the no so near future with all their oil money will get a nuclear bomb and destroy you are crazy.

My action of forcing peace upon you will save Israel form a second Holocaust.

I have half of my family in Israel.

I seem to care about the future of Israel more then the very unpopular PM Olmert; only 10% rated PM, or he would stop the massive murders and cruelty toward the Arab world.

He very sadly has forgotten 1 in 6 people in the world are now Muslim - if Israel does not s change its ways all I can say I tried to save you

Israeli as a foreign government the world and very soon America knows your front lobby Aipac-org is buying and blackmailing our politicians to cover Israel’s crimes which like you said policies caused 9/11

I wish to really make a difference and support me and my candidacy because until we have a president that is on record like me that I will create Palestine in my first 100 days in office, and block all money to Israel until Israel admits they burn to death 34 sailors on the USS Liberty June, 8, 1968 the war on terrorism will have many American being continued targets of Islamic radical terrorism that are created by the aggressive and cruel in human action of Israel toward its Arab Neighbours.

We will never end this war on terrorism and Americans will keep getting killed worldwide.

You are my dream like I am your dream, my words are your words and your words are mine. The donation period closes end of the month; so far my campaign have been self funded- money get my words our-you decide do you really wish a change or just talk about it. To get a change there is only on way getting control of America back from the Israeli lobby.

A president who believes in justice and equality for all so help me and get the word out to help me, I am your only chance in your or our generation to get a change. With donations I can use to liven up this election and get you true story out

I am making a new video soon I will get it to you.

I am a senior American Service Officer with who is a born again republican.

With over 25 years of experience in the Middle East region and Europe (including my statements)

Do you really wish to have change I am that revolutionary change as a Jew I can stop and I am a much respected senior board member of republicans Abroad of Italy. Hosted Sec. Jim Nicholson last month and got a recent email from Sec. Gates head quarters after I talked with Sec. Nicholson for hours on April 30, 2007.

Sincerely pray we can work together- with you and your friend support I will get you message in every interview I give

Jack Shepard a candidate for the Republican Nomination for President.
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