Saturday, June 02, 2007

Jones has some sort of problem.

"Though I have to say I wanted to piggyback what thinkpad15 talked about regarding the tests done," writes mconn2112.

I looked through the comments and I see that thinkpad15 relies on Steven Jones. I have researched the claims the "9/11 Truth movement" makes and they are simply wrong.

Prof. Jones is one of the main culprits, if not the main culprit, spreading the falsehoods and ignorance. His 9/11 paper shows that the man has a problem reasoning or, because it is so extreme, it looks like he is deliberately deceiving people. With regard to the NIST report, it appears that he simply doesn't understand what he is reading or that he has some sort of problem. Either way, he has demonstrated that he is embarrassingly not fit to publish scientific papers on this topic. I explain it at this link:

Prof. Steven E. Jones and his 911 paper

There is no way around it, what he doesn't understand (and there is no good reason for not understanding it) is CENTRAL to why the buildings collapsed and it is backed up by evidence that he is ignoring either deliberately or out of incompetence. The man demonstrates clearly that he should not be writing a paper like this or be involved in any academic endeavors because if he can't understand what NIST is saying in their report, he has no right trying to write scientific papers. I don't know what the defect is with his mind but there is a problem of some sort, given the evidence he indicates he doesn't understand. It really is disgusting that his ignorance or deception has gone this far. Please read what I wrote at the link, I think it is cut and dry.

Prof. Steven E. Jones and his 9/11 paper
or Google: "Jones has some sort of problem."

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