Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel Attacks Gaza Again

Even before Israel began the huge bombing attacks on Gaza starting 12/27/08, Israel had already been committing crimes against the people of Gaza. Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories
occupied since 1967, issued a statement on 12/9/08 about the ongoing cruelty and unlawfulness of the Gaza blockade imposed by Israel. Falk, who is Jewish, explained that, "such a policy of collective punishment, initiated by Israel to punish Gazans for political developments within the Gaza strip, constitutes a continuing flagrant and massive violation of international humanitarian law as laid down in Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention."

Chris Hedges points out what Israel has been doing to Gaza, things which are often either not reported or under reported by mainstream media, "the point of this Israeli siege, ostensibly, is to break Hamas, the radical Islamic group that was elected to power in 2007. But Hamas has repeatedly proposed long-term truces with Israel and offered to negotiate a permanent truce. During the last cease-fire, established through Egyptian intermediaries in July, Hamas upheld the truce although Israel refused to ease the blockade. It was Israel* that, on Nov. 4, initiated an armed attack that violated the truce and killed six Palestinians. It was only then that Hamas resumed firing rockets at Israel. Palestinians have launched more than 200 rockets on Israel since the latest round of violence began. There have been no Israeli casualties." - Israel’s 'Crime Against Humanity,' by Chris Hedges, Posted on Dec 15, 2008

"“This is a crime of survival,” Falk said of the rocket attacks by Palestinians. “Israel has put the Gazans in a set of circumstances where they either have to accept whatever is imposed on them or resist in any way available to them. That is a horrible dilemma to impose upon a people. This does not alleviate the Palestinians, and Gazans in particular, for accountability for doing these acts involving rocket fire, but it also imposes some responsibility on Israel for creating these circumstances.”

Israel seeks to break the will of the Palestinians to resist. The Israeli government has demonstrated little interest in diplomacy or a peaceful solution. The rapid expansion of Jewish settlements on the West Bank is an effort to thwart the possibility of a two-state solution by gobbling up vast tracts of Palestinian real estate." - Party to Murder, By Chris Hedges Posted on Dec 29, 2008

* "Israel carried out an airstrike on Gaza on Tuesday night after its troops clashed with Hamas gunmen along the border in the first such confrontation since a cease-fire took effect in June. Five militants were killed, Palestinian officials told The Associated Press. An Israeli security force had entered Gaza to destroy a tunnel and fought with Hamas gunmen, killing one and wounding at least three, according to Palestinian hospital officials." - Israeli Strike Is First in Gaza Since Start of Cease-Fire By ISABEL KERSHNER Published: November 4, 2008 nytimes.com

"The Egyptian-brokered ceasefire began to disintegrate last week when Israeli forces entered Gaza to try to destroy what the military said was a tunnel dug by militants to carry out a planned cross-border raid." - Hamas militants step up rocket attacks on Israel, November 15, 2008 TimesOnline.co.uk

"IN JUNE, Israel agreed a six-month ceasefire with Hamas. Until December 27th, no Israeli, civilian or military, was killed as a result of rocket or mortar fire from Gaza. None. Not one. And there was very little rocket or mortar fire out of Gaza until Israel broke the ceasefire in early November. Those key facts have been missing from most of the reporting of Israel's slaughter of nearly 300 Palestinians in Gaza, which began on December 27th. Israel's claim that it had to act in order to protect Israeli civilians from being killed by rocket or mortar fire from Gaza is bogus." - Israel broke ceasefire by killing six, DAVID MORRISON

"With today's news of IDF air strikes abruptly ending the lives of some 140+ Gazans, I can't help but feel an abject sense of horror at the fact that most Americans will probably find some way to blame the Palestinians for bringing this on themselves. Nevermind the fact that it was Israel who initially broke the ceasefire. Forget the fact that Israel kidnapped two civilians from Gaza before Corporal Gilad Shilat became a household name. Nevermind that Israel's strangulation of the Gaza Strip began immediately after the so-called disengagement and before the electoral victory of Hamas. I remain confounded by the American progressive movement's widespread refusal to stand behind the Palestinian people as they are subjected to an endless barrage of colonialist, racist aggression." - Israel's ongoing war on Palestinian self-determination by Daisy Cutter

"The ceasefire had come under growing strain since Israeli ground forces launched an attack into Gaza against what the Israeli army claimed was a group of Palestinians preparing to attack Israel. Ayman Taha, a Hamas spokesman, said the ceasefire would not be renewed 'because the enemy did not abide by its obligations' to ease a crippling blockade of the Gaza Strip and halt attacks." - Hamas ends ceasefire with Israel, Hamas has ended its ceasefire with Israel after fresh fighting flared across the Gaza border. Tim Butcher in Jerusalem, telegraph.co.uk 12/18/2008

"This catastrophic impact was known and inevitable, and far outweighs any claim of self-defense or protection of Israeli civilians. (It should be noted that this escalation has not made Israelis safer; to the contrary, the one Israeli killed by a Palestinian rocket attack on Saturday after the Israeli assault began, was the first such casualty in more than a year.)" - The Gaza Crisis: December 2008
Dec 29, 2008 By Phyllis Bennis

The Politics of State Terror

"Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni instructed senior ministry officials to open an aggressive and diplomatic international public relations campaign, in order to gain greater international support for Israel Defense Forces operations in the Gaza Strip." - Israel to mount emergency international PR effort in wake of Gaza campaign

Top Israeli Newspaper Raises Doubts About Gaza Attack

"Strike on car carrying alleged militants comes amid reports that Israel and Hamas have agreed truce" - Israeli air strike kills five in Gaza guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 17 June 2008

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Germán said...

I would really love to understand why if you are so concerned about Israel's armies of cyber soldiers manipulating public opinion, about their lies, about a representative press, why do you give tribune to those same soldiers, and accept their spammed lies which tear apart the "representativeness" of your channel comments.

Thank you for your attention.


Anonymous said...

I'm American and i would like to thank you for all your videos. thank you.

Unknown said...

Another evidence, Free US is not free anymore; it’s a slave of Israel...

No senator, lawmaker or anyone in Govt dares to speak the truth; they can only lie to please their master Israel.

USA Govt; is a shame for humanity and for good American people.

Israel, you know too well what oppression is, you are inviting God's wrath which you have truly earned now...

xyz said...

Islamic terrorism helped by Islamic countries is spreading likes AIDS it has to be eliminated from the roots. otherwise islam will be treated like a cult of robbers and thieves.

Anonymous said...

Israel is terorist

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you get your info from. And wikipedia is of course, sometimes inaccurate, but here is a source that says that Hamas did NOT completly halt rocket attacks while the 2008 truce was in effect... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rocket_and_mortar_attacks_in_Israel_in_2008

Anonymous said...

The host / master will slowly crippled and died as time goes along. Amaricans are slowly dying and their brains are in death state. The parasites sit in their brain and slowly pison. The zionist parasites can also got tens of bilions of dollars shifted to their homeland. What a pity...

Anonymous said...

for those who think Israel still "defending itself" ... Im wondering , Palestinan suffering hunger, rare of water and electrisity , rare or medical supplies for several months (about 8 months ).. closing the borders from everywhere (land , air and sea) .. 1300 palestinian killed within a month .. now there is about 5000 rockets launched from palestinian to israel .. Im wondering ... WHAT IS THE ISRAELI CASUALITIES ????? tried to google and watch all kind of channels to find out the number .. jesus .. who is the terrorist here ?!

god bless you represntive press

Unknown said...

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