Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few of my posts have disappeared too.

janprops asked, "hey I wrote more in between, where did that go? Did you delete it? " and "I wrote more stuff, why does it keep disappearing?" And janprops posted this, "that's not fair,I wrote more but it doesn't get posted every time I press Post Comment"

I tried to reply with this post: "No. A few of my posts have disappeared too. Some sort of glitch I don't know? I actually captured video of it happening to me, I probably should upload that to show others. I wish Youtube would fix or do what needs to be done so all posts remain if we want them. " BUT THAT DIDN'T STAY EITHER!

(This is about the posts at my YouTube channel page)

Here is another thing that I could not get posted without it disappearing:
Here's another attempt at posting my message: I'm using 'stoplyingtous' when using wifi, israelfnp. So you're agreeing with me that jimiydoorshamelech lied and now you're asking for more examples?


Anonymous said...

i think the reason why ur videos/posts have been disappearing is b/c youtube has now aligned itself w/ AIPAC in order to reduce racist attacks. I read it on another blog a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

from Gaza, I just want you to understand that will never get out Hamaz from Gaza because all Palestinian are Hamas,its our democracy elected its our representative and its our defender, we are not terrorist.

You all must understand this, its matter to leave in our land or die.Its our land and Zionist take it from us, they came from all the world to make their State on our country just because there prophet born here, So all Cristian must be their too because of Jesus born there

Peace to be with the Palestinian

TheMessiah said...

Your with Israel or your with the terrorists period. Nothing better to prove this than showing Palestinians celebrating and dancing in the attacks of 911.

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out the group CAMERA, they are responsible for changine any Wiki article that is negative towards Israel. They may also be subverting Utube

Unknown said...

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