Friday, January 23, 2009

President Obama, do the right thing!

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President Obama, do the right thing! Appointing pro-Israeli hawks isn't change we can believe in.
A Dec, 2008 article in Haaretz mentions Kurtzer's background:
"President-elect Barack Obama is considering the appointment of Daniel Kurtzer, former American Ambassador to Egypt (1997-2001) and Israel (2001-2005), to become his administration's presidential envoy to the Middle East, a senior Israeli diplomatic source said this week."
Obama mulls ex-ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, as special Mideast envoy

CSU Northridge Student Julia Riber Pitt conducted an interview with Prof. Noam Chomsky, about the likely direction of Obama's foreign policy. It took place on 1.13.09 in his office at MIT, Cambridge, MA. Recorded and edited by Charngchi Way


Julia Riber Pitt said...

Apparently, Obama gave the go-ahead for the recent strike in Pakistan:

I think I should also mention that the strike happened in Waziristan, which is a very conflicted area of the country. The US also struck there back in September:

Indeed, Obama is going to escalate the "war against terrorism". This is perfect proof of it. What I'm surprised at is how he would give the go-ahead for a strike during the same week he entered office. Maybe because he knows the American people will be more trusting of him as a warlord. And as usual, this story is not getting the front page coverage it should.

Tom said...

I know, that's bad news. we have to work smarter to solve this situation. What is being done to us is unacceptable. I remember marching in NYC in the protest against the war on Afghanistan and the media acted like the protest didn't happen. I saw how no press was around and this was near the NYT building. I went into the lobby of the NYT and called on their phone to ask could they get a reporter downstairs to report on what is happening? WHY are they ignoring the protest?! (I was ignored of course) We can't continue to be played like fools. We MUST get the facts into the public dialog, MSM clearly is our enemy.

Anonymous said...

If I may add my opinion, I fell that Obama had to do a lot of placating during his campaign, especially to white people. Mostly, to make sure that they didnt' think he was too black or that he would not only focus on black issues.

In furtherance of this, he basically ignored black issues during his campaign. We never heard his stance on the situation in prison for black men, we never heard about the living conditions in inner cities. All of this was done to make sure that white people would not be alienated. So that they would vote for him. Now, make no mistake, this greatly annoyed black people, i.e. Tavis Smiley just to name one. But most understood that that was what he had to do to get elected. So most put up with it.

I am sure that most whites were not aware that he ignored black issues, although unconsciously it made them feel better about voting for him. But it seems that they were keenly aware that he was kowtowing to the Jews. Well, consider it to be another one of those things he had to do in order to get elected.

You cannot enjoy the benefits of kowtowing in one form and then get upset when he must kowtow to others in ways you don't agree with in order to get elected.

Having said that, I don't believe that Obama feels that white issues, black issues and Jewish issues should be ignored or exclusively considered. I do believe that Obama's mind is one that can weigh all of the factors and come up with a fair decision.

Anonymous said...

Hi americans I'm a muslim, I would like to give a clear view of what I have learned as a muslim for 25 years of my age. Islam is not a war lover, but we will Fight with all of our Energies, wealths and everything we had to protect our faith, Only if somebody start going to ruin it. It's a must for every muslim believer to defend their faith. What was happened in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan will never end until all of "THEIR" interest in us STOP. For us lives are nobly while we dare for saying the thruth and uphold our rules from the book of Quran and Sunnah. We have only 2 option, Live nobly or die in protecting our religion. I hope all of your efforts to finding the thruth will lead you to goodness.

Last i'm asking for merciful of Allah the greatest and the mightiest if i'm telling wrong argument above, because all of the wrongness is from my knowledgeless and my weakness

Sorry for my bad english

John Andrews said...

I was moved by the statements of the man who was a Muslim for 25 and loved peace but was willing to fight for his religion. I support that, but I believe there is an even better way. I go to church twice a week, but I dislike calling myself a Christian, because I see no need to identify with any exclusive group. I agree with Muhammad that God has sent his prophets to all people, and we must learn to respect them all. WE must fight for what we know, but we must learn to fight non-violently, because violence always ends up strengthening those who work to divide us.


Unknown said...

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