Monday, February 09, 2009

Full unedited version President Ahmadinejad Interview on C-SPAN

A viewer posts a comment to my video Apologize to the World Mr. Wallace and Return that Emmy, " this is very interesting, is there a possibility i could find the full unedited version somewhere on the internet?" (My latest video Warmongers who sold you the Iraq war, are pushing for a war with Iran highlights this video)

I updated this post What is left on the cutting room floor with a link to the C-SPAN Archives:
President Ahmadinejad Interview
Product ID: 193840-1
Format: Interview
Last Airing: 08/14/2006
Event Date: 08/08/2006
Length: 1 hour, 28 minutes
Location: Tehran, (Iran)


Hilarious Hyena said...
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Hilarious Hyena said...

thanks! i appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

hey reppress, i tried posting this on ur page, but it wouldnt go through. anyways, i found an article u might be interested in about the palestinian-israeli conflict, here's the link

and here is a qoute: 'On the moral level, too, the terror Israel unleashed on the Palestinian population is indefensible. A total of 23 Israelis were killed by Palestinian rockets from November 2001 to June 2008, according to a pro-Israel website. During the Gaza "war," a total of three Israeli civilians were killed by rockets. If Israel's recent rapid-fire slaughter of 600 civilians is "justified" by rockets that caused the death of a small number of Israeli civilians, then -- applying Israel's own logic -- is Hamas not now more "justified" in continuing to launch those rockets than ever before?
How can the Israeli establishment claim the moral high ground if it borrows from the Hamas formula but ups its application of the deadly dosage one hundredfold?'

U:RESIST said...

i had a similar problem of not being able to post a comment. i tried to post a comment on and it wouldn't take. i'll try again. i'm glad to see that this post is working.

it's definitely important to keep fighting for net-neutrality. they will never stop trying to take away our freedom of speech, therefore we can never stop fighting to keep it.

Thanx for the info

Anonymous said...

you are right a jad is an angel. you are only concerned because he is miss represented, if anyone believes this b s than i can sell you the brooklyn bridge. by the way where were you on 9/11? i am guessing, not where it counted.

Anonymous said...

to: Amyro89

i love your logic, its as twisted as the palestinians. the palestinians have bin kicked out of syria jordan egypt they are making a mess of libanon. the arabs dont want them because they always want to take everything over, and if they cant take it over, then they will destroy it. well there is no more to take over.

Anonymous said...

wait i thought this was about representative press in the us? But its not . its about Israel bashing. you are perverting the truth. the real problem is that you need a scape goat. you need this because if you ever looked yourself in the miror, you would see yourself the way other people see you, and you would never show your face among the real muslems of the world

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous who responded to my comment. Apparently using facts and quoting from reliable sources makes my logic twisted or about as twisted as the Palestinians whose human rights have been violated in the territories that should be Palestine. Yep, apparently occupation when done by God's Chosen People, is supposed to be an honor of some sort. Forgive me for getting it wrong, I seem to have been distracted by all the international laws that seem to prohibit Israel's actions in the occupied territories.

And ur point about the Palestinians being chased out of Lebanon -notice how I spelled it, Syria, etc. If its true (which I doubt), so what? That's a completely different topic. If you're going to respond to a statement I made, at least stay on topic. I also notice how you took the time to slander Arabs. Congrats, you sound like a racist too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I posted over 12 months ago that Iran will be next.. will be intresting to see what happens in light of the latest Israeli massacres and up coming elections.

If you are interested in misrepresentation by the media, particularly purtaining to the US and the middle east, you may be interested in this video...

Peace & Propoganda In The Promised Land

Luv Abz

Unknown said...

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