Friday, February 03, 2012

dominated by a criminal minded mass media

We must establish a representative press which will, at the bare minimum, acknowledge the concept of rule of law when it comes to foreign affairs regarding what US or Israeli politicians say and do. Attacking another country, as is being so cavalierly discussed in mainstream media, is still a crime. Making threats to attack is still a crime. It doesn't matter if the aggressor is the United States or Israel, it is still a crime. At the BARE minimum the mainstream media should have guests on TV who will state these basic facts. The reporters dominating the public discourse in our country violate basic decency when they talk about these things as if they are not crimes. They are indeed talking as if it is legitimate to do what some US and Israeli officials have been threatening to do.

We are being dominated by a criminal minded mass media which is putting our lives at risk. We deserve a hell of a lot better than to be treated like this. We need to work together to change this situation immediately. We need to prevent any more war crimes – we need to work right now, I welcome any input from you in order to derail the war train because I am putting a flyer together to that end. An important link that I'm trying to promote is: ‪‬‬

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