Monday, February 13, 2012


Get PDF Link (What works best for me is to go the site and download the pdf (select file then download original) and then print it out, that works best for me to preserve the original boarders of the flyer as opposed to trying to print it directly from the site.) I go to a copy shop so I don't wear out my printer.
TEXT OF THE FLYER: Remember companies like Enron and WorldCom? They were run unethically and top people were found guilty of crimes.

! It’s time to come to terms with just how unethical big media companies are in our country and to take action to protect ourselves from journalistic malpractice. Top reporters dominating the media landscape not only don't represent our interests, they are perpetrating a massive fraud on the public. There is widespread corruption in the media and top pundits are pushing manipulative and dangerous lies. You can see their lies exposed at: links to a playlist of videos, the first one debunks the biggest lie elites are using right now in order to justify a war with Iran. It has over 460,000 views but we need to reach more to gain a foothold in public discourse. We can reach more people if we pass these links on to others.

The second video in the playlist exposes CBS’s 60 Minutes editing out the President of Iran’s call for a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict: democracy. (cutting his answer off in mid- sentence.) The video shows how Mike Wallace deceives viewers with misleading narration – and see what they didn’t air! He has not only gotten away with this fraud, they gave him an EMMY for it! ! The media has been fabricating threats and underreporting statements like this: We will never start a war. We have no intention of going to war with any state.We must not allow the media to push us into another fraudulent war! See proof: It’s time to take action, you can help build up this platform to expose these warmongers — download a PDF of this flyer here: then make copies & distribute them. There’s strength in numbers ... helps too.

You can cut these flyers in half and distribute them that way or pass them out as is & ask people to cut them in half and give them to others.


Anonymous said...

Nice flyer...I wonder how many people WONT remember WorldCom & Enron though.

Julia said...

Why the robo voice in the video plus the video keeps stopping when it gets to when Gerald Celente starts to speak near the end. We are all doomed if this is allowed to continue it won't matter much where in the world you are. A flyer is not going to stop those whoever they all are who want this war and conflict, (to what end I don't know)
I don't know what else to say so far nothing and no one has been able to change or stop this continuation of aggressive and criminal behaviour and actions whose source is America.Whoever it is we need to stop them before this goes any further.How I don't know as they don't listen and that is a fact.