Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Come over and help us.

This is a good post: "Mark Dubowitz Is an Object Lesson in Where Bigotry Comes From" highlighting the pattern of rationalizing people use. The historical context was great, the mention of the Native Americans reminded me of another thing that highlights this. I remember Chomsky pointing out: "Like the Spanish, the English colonists were guided by Rice's "emerging humanitarian norm." The inspirational phrase "city on a hill" was coined by John Winthrop in 1630, outlining the glorious future of a new nation "ordained by God." A year earlier, his Massachusetts Bay Colony received its charter from the King of England and established its Great Seal. The Seal depicts an Indian holding a spear pointing downward in a sign of peace, and pleading with the colonists to "Come over and help us." The charter states that conversion of the population—rescuing them from their bitter pagan fate—was "the principal end of this plantation." The English colonists too were on a humane mission as they extirpated and exterminated the natives—for their own good, their successors explained." Read more: Genocide Denial with a Vengeance: Old and New Imperial Norms

 "Come over and help us."
 What a sick joke.

 I see this was also pointed out on this blog: Come Over And Help Us!

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