Thursday, November 14, 2013

Response to wolco003 who posted a comment defending Luke Rudkowski

Read this:
And THINK. Luke is a con man. He should at least attempt to think about the fact that I am pointing out how fires caused another failure in another building. 

It is freakin' retarded to even think WTC7 was a target! The attack was to terrorize the public into forcing a policy change to stop support of Israel and other oppressive regimes. What the hell would an unknown building collapsing late in the afternoon have to do with anything? Even if you want to believe that "the government wanted to trick the public into thinking they were attacked by Arabs in order to get us into more wars," what the freakin' hell would an unknown building collapsing in the late afternoon have to do with any of that? The only reason you guys rationalize WTC7 as a target is because it collapsed and for so reason you had fallen for Eric Hufschmid IGNORANT declaration that fires can't cause a steel structure to collapse and he based his conclusion on the melting point of steel without understanding that the steel doesn't have to melt, only weaken!

And if you want to make the leap that WTC7 was a target because  supposedly "fire can't do that," then how the hell do you explain what happened inside WTC FIVE Are we expected to believe that secret agents targeted 4 floors within World Trade Center FIVE too? Or how about you admit that  Eric Hufschmid made an ignorant assumption about what fires can do because he confused melting and weakening. He thought he was being clever looking up the melting point of steel and looking up the max temp of a hydrocarbon fire and making the conclusion he did BUT the fact is that the steel did not have to MELT in order for it to WEAKEN. It is really sad that the very basis of "9/11 Truth," the key foundational assumption was nothing more than ignorance. 

Look at what fires did to inside WTC FIVE and stop this viciously ignorant campaign which sucks the life out of productive activism:

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