Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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"Let's use this platform to advocate for the formal establishment of a Representative Press. Think about retrofitting Voice of America through legislation to mandate that it be totally under the control of the people, totally transparent and dedicated to serving the needs of all Americans. Think how fast we could reach that tangible goal."


They Don't Want You to See TPP text! Demand to Here!

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"We’re organizing the Internet Vote on April 23rd to give Internet users everywhere a voice against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secret deal that could lead to global Internet Censorship."
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 How "Free Market Capitalism" Really Works. Nader and Chomsky Explain the Game, a Nanny State to Take Care of the Rich. And the Truth about the Wall Street Bailout:

Links to the other videos which I used some clips from, Stop the TPP! and Suing the state: hidden rules within the EU-US trade deal are in this playlist too. Those two videos ( Stop the TPP! and Suing the state: hidden rules within the EU-US trade deal) were uploaded Creative Commons. My use is fair use.

  Newly Leaked TTIP Draft Reveals Far-Reaching Assault on US/EU Democracy Mammoth deal an even greater boon to corporate power than previously known, warn analysts TPP and TTIP, Two Different Trade Agreements, Both Will Have the Same Disastrous Results This film presents some of the dangers of the investor rights within the proposed EU-US trade deal. We need to stop this corporate attack on our democracy and policies to protect the public interest. And the TPP video: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a proposed new treaty, being negotiated behind closed doors between twelve countries of the Pacific rim, that will limit countries' freedom to make their own laws to protect consumers, Internet users, workers and the environment.

For information about how the TPP will affect consumers' rights, see Consumers International's website at For its specific impacts on copyright and the Internet, see the Our Fair Deal coalition site at

‪Trans-Pacific Partnership: Corporate Global Domination (Long Version)‬

"International negotiators have not yet hammered out final details of the TPP, and text is not public"

Elizabeth Warren wrote: "arts of the TPP trade deal that might affect them and to give their views as negotiations progressed. But the doors stayed locked for the regular people whose jobs are on the line.
TPP isn’t classified military intelligence – it’s a trade agreement among 12 countries that control 40% of the world’s economy. A trade agreement that affects jobs, environmental regulations, and whether workers around the globe are treated humanely. It might even affect the new financial rules we put in place after the 2008 crisis. This trade agreement doesn’t matter to just the biggest corporations – it matters to all of us.
Let’s send a loud message to our trade officials: No vote on a fast-track for trade agreements until the American people can see what’s in this TPP deal." Warren asks you to sign this petition.
NEW VIDEO PROMOTES that petition, please use the YouTube tools to share it:

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