Thursday, April 30, 2015

Situation with YouTube

I really am disgusted by how YouTube is pulling monetization from MANY videos. I was thinking I could email my viewers a list of videos which this was done to. You can join the Representative Press email list to see that list of videos (joining may also help deal with the situation of YouTube not notifying my subscribers of new videos.

(I also would like to test to see if people are getting the emails so please join the Representative Press email list )

It really is sad that YouTube is doing this to my channel because my videos are serious journalism and the YouTube actions are financially hindering that journalism. I am actually shocked at how many videos YouTube is removing monetization from. Here is a shocking example I alluded to in my most recent video which had monetization pulled for no good reason: 

May 7, 2015 UPDATE: Tonight I just noticed that YouTube restored the monetization for the above video BUT has removed it from the video I featured at the end of the "Drunken Peasants" video!  Yes, the video about how Representative Press was omitted from the list of YouTube partners has had its monetization removed!

As I said in my latest video called Drunken Peasants TJ & Ben Dismiss Complaints about YouTube as "Silly"  the situation of YouTube marginalizing the Representative Press channel has been going on for years. See this video for example.

"Let's use this platform to advocate for the formal establishment of a Representative Press. Think about retrofitting Voice of America through legislation to mandate that it be totally under the control of the people, totally transparent and dedicated to serving the needs of all Americans. Think how fast we could reach that tangible goal."

TJ mocks people's grievances against Youtube and Google, insisting that the Google system has no bias or agenda. Both Ben and TJ belittle concerns about YouTube channels being unable to monetize videos due to political content.

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This is where I got the clips for my latest video called Drunken Peasants TJ & Ben Dismiss Complaints about YouTube as "Silly" they come from 56 minutes into this video (you can hear the uncensored curses in the video, remember I added the bleeps to my video when I played the clips): Sarkeesian Time 100 Most Influential? #CENSUREWHEATON - GTime Johnny Sings Again! DPP #108

Also see: YouTube's criteria for what they consider content that is “advertiser-friendly"

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