Monday, August 15, 2016

Black ‪Milwaukee‬ Police Officer Shooting of Armed Man Press Conference

Black Milwaukee Police Officer wearing a body camera shoots an armed perp yet there is a riot. See the press conference where a reporter asks what the race of the Milwaukee cop was who shot the man which people are rioting about. Shooting and Riots over an incident most didn't bother to learn the facts about.

"Normally I’d like to think that doesn’t matter, I know it does, I also know that there’s been a lot of work on social media trying to identify him, so there are a number of people here that want to do that officer harm. He happens to be African-American and he has several years of experience and is a very active officer. And we are concerned for his safety. " - Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

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Unknown said...

Thanks. I did not have time to watch this whole video but I saw the one with the Charles Barkley interview and I was impressed! Good work! Feel free to repost or move my comment over the the Charles Barkley one. I wanted to post on your blogger not youtube...