Thursday, August 25, 2016

Media's Race Omissions: Black Cop AND Riots Targeting Whites in ‪Milwaukee‬

Not only did mass media fail to report that the Milwaukee Police Officer who shot Sylville Smith is African-American, but there was a GLARING OMISSION of the fact that black rioters were targeting and attacking white people. And an independent reporter (who I asked to ask the protesters if they knew the cop who shot Smith is black) was in such fear for his life that he abandoned reporting on the the ground about the ‪Milwaukee‬ "uprising." He reveals that a white teen was shot in the neck during these black riots.


Black ‪Milwaukee‬ Police Officer wearing a body camera shoots an armed perp yet there is a riot. See the press conference where a reporter asks what the race of the ‪Milwaukee‬ cop was who shot the man which people are rioting  about. ‪Shooting and Riots‬ over an incident most didn't bother to learn the facts about.

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Zachary ‏@Zach_Haack Aug 13 Milwaukee, WI

What happens when you're white on the Milwauke's north side during a riot. #Milwaukee #MilwaukeeRiot

Representative Press Retweeted

Tazer Swift ‏@CrashnDaPlane Aug 14

‪#Milwaukee‬ "They beating up all the white people." "They white, get em." ‪@Kereem_C_C‬ ‪@Zach_Haack‬

Due to racial tension I will no longer be covering Milwaukee Unrest by Tim Pool

@Timcast Did u ever get around to asking protesters if they know the #Milwaukee #cop is #BLACK?! #journalism

Cenk of the Young Turks did NOT give “all sides to that story.”

He does NOT give “the entire context.”

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