Tuesday, June 03, 2003

<< A PEW Survey may be worth reading about the United States foreign policies. International Surveys: What We Are Finding >>

confirms one again what has been known for 50 years.

The bottom line is greedy powerful people are using US foreign policies to make themselves rich. They dictate US foreign policies such as supporting kings and oppressive rulers (installing them in many instances) and much of what they do is kept out of the public's view.
in mainstream media, people play the game (they wouldn't be hired if it wasn't clear that they were going to omit certain facts from their reporting)
we weren't told that the US was responsible for putting the Baath party into power in the firts place. not telling people about this is "playing the game".
these crimes continue because thanks largely to the influence of the media, they can't imagine that US foreign policies would be abused by U.S. businessmen..

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