Sunday, June 15, 2003

"I usually have some reason and can tell you what it is"
such is the claim by one of the poseters here yet when solid facts are presented all they can do is respond with:
"not a valid argment"

yet when a perfect example of suppression of information from the American public is revealed, all they can do is call names and cast doubt WITHOUT even addressing the post!!

ZNet | Mideast | The Complex Art Of Simulation
"in his meeting with U.S. president George Bush at the Aqaba summit, prime-minister Ariel Sharon will seek the U.S. backing of his demand that the Palestinian authority will use forceful [military] means against the terror organizations and their infrastructure in the territories, as a precondition for any diplomatic advance. Sharon will tell Bush that it is not acceptable to settle just for agreements between the Palestinian organizations to a cease fire " In return Sharon will promise Bush that Israel will evacuate illegal outposts in the West bank ” (Ha’aretz Hebrew edition, Aluf Ben, June 2, 2003).
Is it just an accident that in the internet English version of Ha'aretz, this piece of information was eliminated altogether, and the headline announced only Sharon's willingness to evacuate outposts?

I would say it is not an accident. this is intentional suppresion of facts from the American public. And it is part of the ongoing partern. You can look at case after case where the US media suppresses or severly downplays events in Israel and Palestine.

Following the 4 June Aqaba summit between President Bush and Israeli and Palestinian leaders, the US media fell quickly into the pattern of ignoring or severely downplaying Israeli attacks on Palestinians, and playing up Palestinian counterviolence as a threat to a budding "peace process."

Yet The Guardian (British newspaper)'s Conal Urquhart reported that "As George Bush talked about peace with the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers, Israeli soldiers were raiding the refugee camp of Balata and the city of Nablus for the third day running." ("Children shot in third day of Israeli army raids, The Guardian, 5 June 2003)

Urquhart described how "screams echoed around the clinic" in the camp, "as a woman brought her seven-year-old daughter in for treatment. She had been shot in the abdomen by an Israeli soldier" as the Aqaba summit took place. Later the same day, the report said, a boy was shot in the head with a rubber-coated bullet.

According to the Red Crescent, The Guardian reported, "some 50 people have been treated for bullet and shrapnel wounds" in two days. The American pulic is being made fools out of. How is this possible? Many forces are at work to keep these facts from the American public. We can't ignore the fact that if someone dares point things like this out, they get attacked and the reports are labled "drivel". YET THEY DON"T BACK UP A SINGLE DIRTY ALLEGATION. THE ATTEMPT IS TO INTIMIDATE AND CONTINUE THE SUPPRESSION OF THESE FACTS.

Dr. Samir Abu Zarzur, the head of the casualty department at Rafiah hospital in Nablus, said that his department treated 32 people injured by the Israeli army on Tuesday, the day President Bush was meeting the Palestinians' Mahmoud Abbas and other Arab leaders in Sharm Al-Sheikh and urging them to join a struggle against "terrorism."

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