Sunday, June 01, 2003

<< The terrorist attack on 9/11 is related to past American foreign policy -- in short, America's own fault; >>

Would you grow up?
Your blindly support US foreign polices and you try to make it impossible for rational discussion about the policies by making it adversarial. "America" what is that? Do most people know that US foreign polices have screwed over Middle East people.
"own fault" what does this mean? ALL fault? No fault at all?
You think FUNDING and SUPPORTING the most extreme elements that undermined and destroyed the lives of millions of people is faultless?

You think supporting and organizing coups to place the Baath party into power is faultless?

You think backing king is faultless. We are a people that freed themselves from a king. Do you seriously not understand how evil it is to SUPPORT kings and oppressive rulers and make it impossible for the people to have democracy? you think someone can do horrible things to a people and remain totally faultless?

Tell me about your opinion on Nat Turner. (he and other blacks killed over 50 whites)
do you want to talk about blame in that case?

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