Sunday, November 09, 2003

Al-qeada's motive remains the same and they are still carrying out attacks.
Bush lied about why we were attacked. Bush lied about 9/11 terrorists' motives. For those that can't get it into their heads: al-qeada's motives are not that the "hate freedom". Are we supposed to believe that al-qeada attacked Saudi Arabia because they "hate freedom"? The latest al-qeada attacks, are a continuation of attacks that included attacks within Saudi Arabia before 9/11. The lie that Bush told has been exposed by the actual words of Mohammed Atta and Osama bin Laden. Objection to specific foreign policies has been listed by the FBI as the motives for 9/11. The latest attacks against Saudi Arabia are just more evidence of the fact that is specific polices and political objectives that are the motives for al-qeada's attacks. Bush lied to America in order to serve special interests that don't want the specific foreign polices to be changed. We don't owe Bush or these special interest a damn thing. For God sakes, Bush lied to the nation about why we were attacked. I know there are many people who condemn Presidents for lying. Can there be anything lower than lying to the nation about why we are in harm's way?

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